e-commerce for restaurants bakeries pop-ups food trucks


We’re excited you’re here… lets bring awesome food to the masses shall we?

your brand... built on pvmt

At the risk of being to forward… we think you’re super good looking. The only platform of it’s kind, pvmt fully integrates into your existing site and brand, leveraging your customer base and making sure your customers stay loyal to you, and not your competitors.


0% commission, 100% awesome

 With over 15 years in the industry we know how hard we we all have to work for profit margins that are tighter than spandex on a summers day. Our promise is to keep as much cash in your pockets as we can. With zero commission, Zero contracts and bottom line quality hardware we’re making awesome happen

Zip, Ziltch, Nada

Outside of bank fees (2.9% + 30c a transaction charged by stripe), you pay nothin’, choosing to pass platform costs to customers with a 5% service fee.

No Contract

We’re all about long term releationships, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out (We’re sorry in advance). Give us 2 Weeks notice and you’ll be free.

Canadian eh?

We’re Canadian owned and operated, which means you get epic customer service from the great white north. It’s cold up here… but… we love people.