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We’re looking for delivery partners to provide an epic service to the vendors on our platform. As a partner you’ll have access to over 50 local vendors and upwards of a 600 orders a month all wrapped up in a simple, easy to use system. Say what? Partners operate as their own entity, with the ability to set their own rates, hours, zones and order times. In short, we give you direct access to some of the best local F&B vendors in the city… all ya gotta do is deliver that food like a champ.


who we are

Pavement is a vendor-first food ordering marketplace,  the first e-commerce solution built by the industry for the industry. As a vendor-first platform we’re built on the idea that the support of vendors and their brands will result in the best possible customer experience. We currently offer scheduled (and contactless) pickup all over Ontario and commission free on-demand delivery within a local delivery partner at our home base of Hamilton, Ontario. Really, all this is a long way of saying we’re a food ordering platform that doesn’t suck.

Pavement wasn’t born from big-tech, it was the product of 15 years experience in the hospitality industry throwing large scale events and creating unique and wild dining experiences. Our goal is to build a fair-for-all platform that supports local industry and the hard working people behind it. We’re firm believers that code is for everyone choosing to hire our team based on passion and willingness to learn. No matter what the “Tech Bro’s” tell ya, if you’re able to send a text message you can learn basic code.

We’re strong believers in local communities, choosing to build our business on the idea that money made from a community should stay in a community. On a micro-level we employ local teams to manage local vendors, and invest what we can of regional profits back into small local humanitarian organizations. On a higher level we recognize our role as a business to the global community by supporting small, grassroots humanitarian organizations with a particular focus on youth and refugees/newcomers. On the whole, we generally try to be decent & fair people.

on-demand delivery partners

We all know it… third party on-demand delivery services are the worst. As such, we’re looking for awesome on demand delivery & local courier partners to join forces with to provide our vendors with a better alternative to Mr. Uber. Delivery partners operate as a totally separate entity that simply uses our platform to gather orders and make magic happen, in short we send ya orders, you deliver it, awesome exists.

standards of service

While delivery parters set their own rules & regulations, we do have a few minimum requirements to match our standards which you can see below

We require delivery partners to offer a flat rate service with no maximum order limit. Partners are welcome to set their own rates as best suite their business model, however, Vendors can decide to upcharge or discount a partners rates to the customer with no penalty or change to your requested fee.

While you can set your own rates, our recommended rates are as follows.
  0km – 5km: $7
  5km – 10km: $8
  10km – 15km: $9

Vendors are not required to request tips or gratuity from customers. As such all required payments should be considered and enveloped into the rates above. In the event a vendor does request gratuity from a customer, you will have the choice between split tips or the first $5 an order.

We request that delivery partners change their prices a maximum of once a year with a minimum 8 weeks notice in writing.

Partners may set their own hours and minimum order times including holiday hours with the most competitive partners offering extended hours. *On demand delivery partners must be available Friday & Saturday evenings till at least 9pm.

Catering orders and special events will be negotiated on project by project basis. Catering orders are considered any single orders above $1000 with a minimum 1 week notice. Special events are orders that require unique set-ups such as multiple drivers at the same time, complex routing or corporate accounts.

Delivery partners are not exclusive partnerships. Both PVMT & Vendors may choose other delivery services including self-managed delivery, third party services (Uber Eats, Deliver), or courier services. As such, Partners are not required to give Pavement exclusivity and may offer their services elsewhere.

legal requirements

While we do love the gusto of a person and their car, the scale and scope of orders require  existing experience with dispatching and order management. As such below are a few legal requirements for our delivery partners:

Delivery partners must hold a minimum general liability insurance of $5,000,000 with PVMT.CO CANADA & vendors named as additional insured.

Partners must hold the following legal documents:

   Valid business licence # number in province
   Valid sales tax or HST number
   Preferred: License to deliver alcohol with smart serve certified drivers

Provide your terms and agreement form outlining the following information:

   Rates of services
   Refund Policies
   Late Order Policies
   Wrong Address / Information Policy
   Driver Delay Policy
   Wrong Order Delivered
   Alcohol Delivery
   Service to Underage / intoxicated guests Policy
   Privacy Policy

PVMT is looking for delivery partners in the following cities:
Toronto, Ottawa, Kitchener / Waterloo

Gettin' to know ya...

Thanks for scoping it out! We’d love to partner with you so shoot us a quick line below and we’ll get in touch.