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Pavement (PVMT) is an online food ordering platform built on helping the little guy. We’re an ethical, fair-for-all eatCommerce solution that’s driven by the idea that quality of life is best created in a neighbourhood by supporting local.

We’re looking for self-motivated, personable team member with strong sales and communication skills to lead the promotion of our platform to restaurants & food vendors with a particular focus on those run by newcomers, and mom & pop style food joints… in short, we want you to help us bring vendors with little or no web presence into the 21st century!

Our primary goal is to help and support the vendors on our platform, choosing people over profits. While there are aspects of this position that fit the traditional “Sales” role, we’re looking for applicants who have a genuine care and passion about small business & promoting local more so than just the dollars and cents. As such, this is the perfect position for someone who is great with people, is able to think for themselves, thrives in new situations, enjoys the challenge of cold calls, door to door or DMs, but has a genuine care for the customers well-being over profit.

The position will start as a 6 week contract, with a full time, salaried position to be offered upon successful completion of easy to reach onboarding targets. We work on a Flex time schedule, allowing you to choose 20 hours of week between 9-5, and 20 hours to flex on your own schedule. We are a 2nd stage start up, generating over 6m in processed sales a year. As such, if you enjoy being a part of something new & Fresh, are able to think for yourself and thrive in an an environment where you’re writing the instruction annual vs following it, this is the position for you!

about us

Pavement is a vendor first food ordering marketplace, a virtual shopping mall for the hospitality industry. We’re the first e-commerce solution built by the industry for the industry. As a vendor-first platform built on the idea that a product focussed on the support vendors and their brands will result in the best possible customer experience. We currently offer scheduled (and contactless) pickup all over Ontario and commission free on-demand delivery within the GHA. Really, all this is a long way of saying we’re a food ordering platform that doesn’t suck.

Pavement wasn’t born from big-tech, it was the product of 15 years experience in the hospitality industry throwing large scale events and creating unique and wild dining experiences. Our goal is to build a fair-for-all platform that supports local industry and the hard working people behind it. We’re firm believers that code is for everyone choosing to hire our team based on passion and willingness to learn. No matter what the “Tech Bro’s” tell ya, if you’re able to send a text message you can learn basic code, so don’t be scared to apply. 

We’re strong believers in local communities, choosing to build our business on the idea that money made from a community should stay in a community. On a micro level we employ local teams to manage local vendors, invest what we can of regional profits back into small local humanitarian organizations. On a higher level we recognize our roll as a business to the global community by supporting small, grassroots humanitarian organizations with a particular focus on youth and refugees/newcomers. On the whole, we generally try to be decent & fair people.

about the job

All Aboard
Your primary job will be to onboard new vendors to the platform, paying particular focus to Small Mom & Pop food joints and those ran by newcomers. You’ll work alongside our CEO and Regional Manager to help hundreds of vendors get sellin’ online and stop paying’ nasty fees!

Menu Creation
Help vendors create bring their menus online using the pavement system. If you can make an organized shopping list and an instagram post you can do this. It’s a simple process (like filling out an online form) that will help with onboarding new vendors.

Show me the money!

  Permanent salaried position upon successful completion of 6 week contract

  20hrs Commit, (Choose 20hrs between 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday), 20hrs flex (Any time you’d like).
  Meetings and occasional specific hours may be required.

  50% remote at home
  50% onsite at vendors locations

  4 weeks paid holiday
  (No Benefit Package yet)
  Additional bonuses on reached targets (To be discussed)

about you

What Cha Gotta Have

Who we'd like ya to be

A self motivated team member with 2+ years of Sales sales experience and a passion for small business. Someone who enjoys people, a challenge and most of all… enjoys having a good time!

We are a group of fun, energetic people who love life. Our focus is on creating the best flippin’ product while helping out the most people we can. This is to say… we are not tech bros.. we’re more interested in creating something great than we are on being the next Musk. If you want to be a part of building an epic product and enjoying life… we’re the people for you.

Regardless of our “requirements” what impresses us more than anything is quality of product and ease of personality. So… regardless if you have experience, if you’ve built a cool product, or just wanna be apart of something fun call us, we wanna chat. 

Gettin' to know ya now...

Thanks for checking us out – we’d love to have you on board! Send in your resume by clicking the link below, and hey, if you don’t meet our requirements, send it in anyway, we like to hire people, not paper!

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